Talent Coaching









At Executive Solutions, our mantra is be extraordinary. This thinking permeates the way we do business and is the driving force behind our relationships with customers, our candidates and the wider community. Our ambition is to inspire the same forward thinking approach in others: that's why we offer Talent Coaching, a pro bono programme, as a next step for extraordinary candidates in achieving their aspirations.

Talent Coaching is a holistic approach to engaging the modern business experience. We take excellent talent who deserve a chance to shine and provide you with individualised, one-on-one sessions designed to help you stand out in the marketplace. Talent Coaching is not about simply finding you a job, but about enhancing your overall career trajectory.

Talent Coaching is a six-stage process and is directed by you. All of our coaching is at your pace and designed to bring you the most career value through easy to understand self-analysis exercises. The sessions are built around:

  1. Identifying your business experience: highlighting the specific advantages and challenges relevant to your situation.

  2. Defining your success: identifying clear goals and setting criteria to measure your development.

  3. Developing your coaching agendum: assessing requisites and designing strategies for you to acquire the tools necessary for your career development journey.

  4. Executing strategy: putting into practice the lessons from our one-on-one coaching workshops and self-analysis exercises.

  5. Measuring progression: evaluating strengths and redeveloping the coaching agendum to better hone areas which need improvement.

  6. Celebrating success: taking time to appreciate personal wins, highlighting improvement and developing future strategies for continued success.

To learn more about how Executive Solutions can enrich the way you do business, contact us for a free, confidential, no obligation chat. We would love to hear from you.